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Wisdom of the Mountains

A complete guide to the Buddhism of Tibet, the Indian Himalaya, Nepal, and Bhutan – how it evolved, and how it is practised today.

640 pages, fully illustrated with over 300 colour images, maps and diagrams.

Bhavachakra, the Buddhist Wheel of Life

Fully illustrated

Buddhism: core ideas and their evolution

The founding principles of Buddhism are introduced, and we then track their evolution towards tantric practise, better known today as Tibetan Buddhism.


History, practises, and institutions of the major and minor traditions of Tibetan Buddhism are covered in detail.

Institutions, Iconography, & Practise

Supported by many colour images and illustrations, we explore the complex ritual and practise of Buddhism across the Himalayan regions.

Buddhism in the Indian Himalaya, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet

With maps and up-to-date images, we examine the practise of Buddhism across the Himalaya. The core principles remain a constant, but local practise flexes to accommodate regional belief systems and geopolitical influences.